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MEDLINE is a bibliographic database of life sciences and biomedical information. It includes bibliographic information for articles from academic journals covering medicine, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, veterinary medicine, and health care. MEDLINE also covers much of the literature in biology and biochemistry, as well as fields such as molecular evolution.

A former employee said this on Indeed "They overwork you. At Medline they expect way too much of everyone. Only young good looking females are considered for promotions. Management is very unprofessional and rude. Very unsafe working environment. OSHA violations daily. High turnover rate results in young/unprofessional co-workers. Not enough pay for what you do. Highly don't recommend working or even applying to this company".


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Former Employee - Human Resources Manager says

"No consistency in practices which leaves significant openness to liability, a lot of turnover and employee relations issues, no headcount/budgeting so everything is based on a whim. Makes HR very challenging - never working towards best practices or learning. Every function manages in silos. Internal politics and insensitive leaders. No focus on exit interview trends or making changes to try to retain employees. Terrible benefits (expensive/poor coverage). Toxic environment within HR."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Horrible management and racist. Rude"

Former Employee - Production Supervisor says

"Poor management and poor overall treatment of employees where employees are blamed for production issues even when they use cheap supplies. Bonuses are always being manipulated so employees can't achieve full benefit. Quick to assign blame and backstab supervisors, that's why they have such high turnover. Accomplishments are rewarded with cheap food. Show me the money!! My family needed it. Forcing people to work OT and supervisors to work consistent 12 hour shifts instead of management stepping up to help. If you don't agree with management, they will find a way to get rid of you quickly and make your life miserable."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No work life balance No ability to work from home Leaders did not have ability to make decisions No employee engagement And the best part is that the company is having their attorney send out tuition reimbursement demands during a pandemic where over 16 million people have filed unemployment and the economy is crashing (and the amount is incorrect, they are asking for more than I submitted / received). Goes to show that they only care about making profit where they could be putting their resources to better use. I had to leave prior to the 3 year agreement since everyday I would have a breakdown due to the demand of the job and the way I was treated. I was forced to leave to save my mental health. This is the worst company I ever worked for."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Managers, no work from home"

Warehouse Worker says

"Working environment, human rights issues, constant harassment."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Complete lack of career development. Company says they want to promote good employees but does not act accordingly. Management often assumes some its best employees (such as business people with engineering backgrounds) will leave due to the fact that they will "get bored" and does not try to retain and develop them. Career growth is much slower than most companies and feedback is nearly impossible to come by. Constant employee turnover is an issue. Compensation is much lower than most companies in the medical device industry. Work is not meaningful and value added to customers revolves mostly around cost savings."

Former Employee - Creative says

"The creative services department has tons of process, nepotism and drama, extremely low pay and has you work with product managers, most in their first job out of school who know nothing about marketing. People are treated like animals, everything is about keeping head count down and saving money but there are tons of people managing power point and web strategy who don't do much of anything and a few hardworking designers that are dumped on, made to do their own trafficking, print production and client service and are disciplined if they don't keep up. If you're a suck up you'll have a long career. If you're a creative professional and have any self respect, stay away."

Current Employee - Warehouse Clerk says

"Liars, deceivers, worth over 10 Billion dollars, provides only Medical, no Dental or Vision, shame on you Medline."

Current Employee - Engineer says

"Underpaid and overworked. I really regret the short period of time I worked here and wish I passed on this opportunity coming out of school."

Manager, IS Hardware Support Team (Former Employee) says

"Very toxic work environment. Immediate management team was unprofessional and deceitful. Not good traits for team leaders. Employees are fantastic and team oriented even though management is awful."

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"● Work-life balanceYou have no life if you work here. They overwork their employees everyday.● Pay & benefitsYou don't get paid as much as you should for the work you do.● Job security and advancementThey only promote good looking females.● ManagementManagement is very unprofessional and is a big part of why this company is horrible.● CultureCutt throat environment. They care way more about speed than safety. Lots of OSHA violations happening everyday.● OverallThey overwork you. They expect way too much of everyone. Only young good looking females are considered for promotions. Management is very unprofessional and rude. Very unsafe working environment. OSHA violations daily. High turnover rate results in young/unprofessional co-workers. Not enough pay for what you do. Highly don't recommend working or even applying to this company."

Order Processing (Former Employee) says

"I started working for Medline in the Homecare department last year. A lot of people had just quit or were fired. 10 people or more during my time quit the small team I was on due to unrealistic metrics and no training and mainly MANAGEMENT. I had no proper training, MY specific training was always rescheduled or ultimately cancelled. I shadowed a coworker for a week before getting my own log-ins. There is really only ONE person that has answers on possible problems. Management is the worst! They talk about each other in front of employees and there is SO much drama, it feels worse than high school. The work is manageable but the metrics are unachievable. When we transitioned to working from home, work became unbearable. Training for a new system was done through ZOOM and it was minimal. There is a HUGE lack of communication. If you are a favorite of management you'll be fine. However, if you do not suck up, GOOD LUCK! Look for a way to be hired as a full time employee because contractors are treated poorly while having to preform the same job. The toxic work environment is tolerated by most because of monthly bonus and benefits. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL AND TOXIC.Cheap and good lunchesManagement, short breaks, and the work environment is TOXIC"

None (Former Employee) says

"Worst place you will ever choose to work. Don't do it. Don't put yourself through it. Very uncomfortable. No way to succeed. Nowhere to go. Don't end up being just a number."

Shipping Leader (Former Employee) says

"Very negative atmosphere. The people in charge do not care about your work/home balance. You may work 16 hours one day and 5 hours the next. You cannot make plans for things that need to be done after work because you don’t know when you’re leaving. TW and AT are absolutely terrible at what they do and do not treat coworkers with any respect."

Warehouse Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Strictly facts I know first hand: 1. Managers and VP’s that are not engaged. 2. Most management are recruited from out of state, so they work on site and at home, and expect you to put in the same or more hours than them. All of them are not invested long term, Tracy is just a “check” on their list of accomplishments because it produces 14% of all Medlines earnings globally. 3. The reason why 2016-2019 suffered from high overtime was because Western VP’s & corporate wouldn’t hire more employees on purpose. Like it was a company wide punishment if our numbers weren’t in good standing. 4. They “reset culture” every 2 years by lowering the annual target numbers and inflating the hiring so the results are easier and quicker so we don’t lose contracts with hospitals. 5. Holding others accountable will create a target on you if too many people are getting called out for violating the rules. 6. Employees need a custody court order to be excused in time to pick up their children, even if it’s past their scheduled 8 hours of work. 9. From a recruiter; You are considered a “excellent employee” if you last 4 years, “good” if you last 2 years. The secret to being successful at medline and making a career: is not having / mentioning any long term personal goals, don’t have a family to tend to, be available 8 days a week, don’t ask for time off for education, don’t report management inconsistencies to corporate unless you expect to be targeted any given day something in the slightest goes wrong. Do yourself a favor, earn an income where they prioritize your family by sending you home onA paycheck taxed at 40% of your gross earningsNepotism, Favoritism, Clique management, Targeting, OSHA violations almost everyday"

Warehouse Operations Associate (Former Employee) says

"Long hours and little pay and alot of employees smoking weed on the job so I quit. Not a safe environment to work operating machines. Supervised by folks that dont care what the employees do."

Order picker (Current Employee) says

"This place is all about the money, they will lie looking at you straight In the eye about how much they care about their employees. Favoritisms is a favorite game for most of the supervisors here. They will tell you last minute, say you get off at 3:30, they will tell you at 3:25 that you have to work 1 to 2 hrs or more OT. They dont care about you and your lives and whatever plans you’ve had for the day after work because they treat you like slaves. You’ve worked 8 hrs and if you leave, you will be given half a point for not working ot, no matter what your reason might be. We have almost 10 positive covid cases at work and the company is not doing anything for our safety other than the masks and sanitizer, they hired 2 or 3 people to wipe staircases like we touch those omg but continue to make us work more than 8 hrs a day and have us exposed to the virus all day long, and more hours extra exposure. Horrible!!!!NothingEverything"

Inventory Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"U get hired and don’t get a chance to take in day to day leaning like everyday is a new thing the inventory is so toxic like the pay does not balance out the work load I believe in challenges and overcome them but this guy instead of them taking care of who is responsible for doing the damage they blame the inventory guy and they get all the workload to do every morning but yeah it’s toxic"

Supply Technician (Former Employee) says

"There all liars and lazy matter how hard you work... you will just be replaced by a kiss as who knows to spend 3 years working for people who truly dont give a sh..NoneEverything"

Transportation Manager (Former Employee) says

"I worked with Medline 2 years and was accused of stealing from a vending machine no proof or evidence. I told them that was not true and was told since I had money in my hand that I took out my pocket I did it."

Box Maker (Former Employee) says

"The job is good but the management sucks and they are really racist towards black or any minority group. If there were other management that would be a good job security to have but as long as you have racist people that have jobs are Baker positions over people they can do what they want to do plus they play favorites over there"

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"Job had terrible ergonomics and had a very unattractive work atmosphere. Would never go back. The temps that were converted into full time had money taken away from their starting pay rate which I have never heard of in my life, manager was clueless and machines we’re constantly breaking down and could hardly be fixed by maintenance."

Warehouse Operator (Former Employee) says

"They will smile on your face then manipulate your numbers. Nobody wants to be there because of management The Works not too hard the money is good though"

warehouse forklift operator (Former Employee) says

"dont care about employees and harassment is a natural thing to this company harassment is a common thing there training you get is very poor not good place to work unless you talk a lot and work very little if so they will love youno pros2 breaks a day"

Reach Truck Driver (Former Employee) says

"This place only want u to work hard everyday with nothin in return and u still can lose yo job weak raises bad management survival of the fittest run y you still canU get a check for workingEverything run away"

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"Too much over time. Mandatory 12 hour shifts Monday- Saturday. People are constantly quitting because they don’t have the man power and they have/ keep adding more and more work for they’re employees. You have to work every Saturday or else you’ll be in trouble. Not to mention you must work 12 hours during the week."

Machine Operator (Current Employee) says

"Horrible place to work for no job security, repack department get 4 or 5 hours a day. You can get fired for arguing with another person. Don't believe the bonus gimmick they preach on either."

Warehouse Operator (Current Employee) says

"I was threatened by them, that if I did not leave the cops were to be called. I have a panic disorder and was panicking and all they did was threaten the cops."

Warehouse Worker (Current Employee) says

"I am a current employee at Medline and I have cried several times with the way I am treated by management and co workers. They are so disrespectful so if you have a bad attitude you'll love it if your motto is treat people the way you want to be treated then its not the place for youPaycheckEverything" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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